slotxo In the first step, we log into the system. Using your login name and password That has been brought into the system. When finished logging in, let us Go to press on Auto Deposit So that we will make a deposit and withdrawal of the balance.

How to take off the balance in ?

The first step is like With the deposit method by logging in By entering your name into the system And password, then When finished, go to the menu withdrawn.

To withdraw the amount of the slot itself When entering the withdrawal menu page If we do not have enough credit for withdrawal or no balance. To according to the conditions of withdrawal That is, the minimum is 300 baht, it cannot be withdrawn. There will be red letters indicating that your credit is not enough. For the withdrawal itself. But if your credit is not enough For withdrawal,

But before we press to confirm the request to check the account number That it matches ours or not If you verify it is correct Then can press it Every time you withdraw the credit. That ours will become zero If anyone wants to play a new game Can add money to it again slotxo

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