Our diversity in the marketplace allows our team to provide innovative solutions that only emerge through working in a cross-functional environment. Whether it is a utility-scale wind blade, a bus body, or a composite vehicle hood, we will find a solution that meets your needs.

Growth best describes wind energy both in terms of its continued deployment throughout the world and the technological changes that are taking place from a turbine-size perspective.  As these wind turbines continue to grow in size, the rotors must also get larger.  Energetx Composites and Aeroblade are poised to help your team meet this demand.  We are focused on manufacturing reliable wind blades which is accomplished by efficient manufacturing and quality systems, as well as a heavy focus on structural engineering stemming from Aeroblade’s aerospace and wind energy background. We work with our customers to provide an existing Aeroblade design, manufacture a blade to a customer’s design, or develop a blade specifically tailored for a customer’s turbine.

Our Areas of Focus:

  • Utility Scale Wind Blades
  • Nacelle Housings
  • Spinners
  • Community Scale Wind Blades

The push to become more efficient is constant, and nowhere is this more apparent than within the transportation sector. As more hybrid and electric vehicles enter the market and mass transit continues to grow, the need to “lightweight” these vehicle bodies is becoming a necessity. Energetx Composites works with its customers to identify areas in which composites can play a key and cost effective role in reducing weight without losing design integrity and performance. We have worked on projects ranging from 35-foot all-composite bus bodies to small electric vehicle shells made entirely of fiberglass.

The military market is quickly evolving due to the need for reduced weight and increased protection. Gone are the days of large, slow military operations spanning thousands of miles. Today’s military needs equipment that is fast, light, and safe. Energetx Composites is prepared to meet this demand. Whether it is a military vehicle looking to shed weight without compromising protection, or a new solar array utilizing composite housing to provide energy to troops in the desert, Energetx Composites can find a composite solution for your product needs.