Energtx Composites Expertise

Energtx Composites Expertise is what the world needs in light of the fact that the debate on safe energy is ever getting hotter. Safe energy is only part of the problem but it is a major one considering the many environmental reports on traditional sources. However, there has always been a gap in the engineering field to solve the pertinent problems that hinder a smooth shift to the alternative energy solutions.  Energtx composite is a provider of solutions for the needs that engineering firms have in composite fabrication. The company is focused on identifying new horizons for exploiting the renewable energy sources through provision of engineering technologies and tools for manufacturing. The company has invested widely in such areas as Michigan. The company offers an array of resources for composites.

Core Services

The core services offered at Energtx Composites Expertise include assembly and manufacturing services, design, process engineering, tooling and development of prototypes. This means that the solutions fronted by Energtx Composites Expertise extend beyond the basic wind energy needs. The company has adopted an innovative approach to its manufacturing agenda and has incorporate divergent market needs in the quest for efficient renewable energy equipment manufacturing retooling.

Composite Manufacturing by Energtx

This section is housed in the same space as the design and engineering section.  The purpose of such an arrangement is to ensure that there is a seamless production process.  Communication is at the core of every process. Therefore, the proximity renders the synergy for efficiency and interactive teamwork on product delivery. A quality assurance system has been set up at Energtx composite to check and guarantee high quality items coming off the production line.

Design and Engineering

The design team consists of an innovative group that employs the latest technologies in their activities. The team works on models and tests them on computer simulated scenarios to ascertain their effectiveness.  Some of the expertise that is available in the section includes aerospace design, mold development, and naval architecture.  These highly tuned capabilities by skillful staffs are the requisite ingredient for effective tooling and expertise at Energtx composite.

Initiatives to Provide Solutions

Energtx Composites Expertise recently employed fiberglass technology in the manufacturing of wind turbine blades. This was made possible by the constant market research efforts and the grant

provided by the State Energy program. The solutions that emanate from the initiatives by Energtx Composites Expertise are not just in the engineering field related outcomes. The company has practically set the stage for the creation of over 300 jobs in the state of Michigan alone. These are the direct opportunities born of the stated initiatives. Obviously, there are other fringe benefits that will result from the success of the investment ventures by the company. These benefits are set to be realized in the next few years at the production facility in Michigan. In particular, the company received $3.5 million from the SEP program. The company is one of the few privileged entities that were specifically mentioned in the last State of The Union address by President Obama.

Growing the Yachts Industry

The Eastern Show of Lake Michigan is experiencing a shift in the way business goes. This is set to be the central production base for wind turbines in the near future. Born of Tiara yachts, Energtx Composites Expertise comes to life. It is reported that the yachts business has been revamped.  The SEP program has also provided a grant to assist Energtx composite to grow to a more economically stable and major industrial investment in engineering and technology. The central objective in the activities initiated by the company is to empower the Michigan people even as the company makes an admirable impression on the business front.

The company has adopted the new mold sets that are suitable for large wind blades. It is not an easy venture at the onset, but the recovery program has been instrumental in facilitating the shift.