Composite Manufacturing

Energetx Composites is a composite manufacturing company focused on the development of manufacturing processes that improve customer value through flawless execution and continuous improvement. We will work with your existing design or provide a designed solution through our internal capabilities and existing strategic partnerships.

Quality Management System

The Energetx Composites Quality Management System is compliant with the ISO9001:2008/AS9100C Quality Standard.

The core of our quality system consists of Quality Records/Travelers. These serve as both a process router and a process compliance record, in addition to a Training Matrix which promotes operator qualification and stability. Our focus is on process design and control and statistical verification of process capability. It is our conviction that capable processes lead to products that meet our customer’s expectations.

Our Quality Strategy is to promote the deployment of the quality function throughout our entire organization rather than concentrate quality assurance skills within the Quality Assurance Department alone. This places The Quality Assurance Organization in a posture of mentoring, education, and quality leadership by example for all Energetx Composites associates.

Manufacturing System

We put our Quality Management at the foundation of the Energetx Composites Production System, realizing that without a solid way to build parts correctly the first time, schedule attainment is nearly impossible. 

Energetx utilizes a one piece flow situation whenever possible.  By limiting the amount of batch and queue, we can maintain planned and healthy levels of inventory, optimize floor space, create a production flow, and minimize the risk of product becoming obsolete as it waits in queue.  We also plan labor content station by station allowing us to meet our schedule through just in time material delivery, in-station continuous improvement, total productive maintenance and team member participation.

The overarching goal of the Energetx Composites Production System is to improve safety, quality, productivity, and morale while reducing cost and expanding the capacity.  We employ many of the tools of lean to reduce waste and drive improvement.  This allows us to meet the needs of our customers while also creating a quality work place for our employees.

Process Capabilities Include:

  • RTM Lite
  • Pre-Preg
  • In-Mold/Post-Mold Coating
  • Trimming and Drilling
  • Assembly

Engineering Services

The Energetx Composites engineering team works alongside our customers to manufacture either a customers existing design or engineering a new design.  Our engineering team works in conjunction with our manufacturing and quality departments to ensure that all products manufactured meet the customers expectation.

Our staff has extensive experience in a variety of industries ranging from renewable energy to defense to aeronautical structures. This range of expertise allows our team to successfully manage a variety of projects at any given time. The engineering team consists of process, manufacturing, composite, and quality engineers.  Energetx Composiets utilizes software packages including AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA V5 with composites module and Abaqus, to provide our customers with the following engineering services:

These services include:

  • Develop molding surface models
  • Engineer tooling and fixturing for composite molding and assembly
  • Ply-by-ply failure analysis and laminate optimization using detailed finite element modeling and analyses (FEM/FEA)
  • Design validation through an efficient and rigorous testing program
  • Develop laminate structures and specifications
  • Create work instructions and associated drawings
  • Create digitized files and nests for glass and core kitting

Tooling & Fixturing

At Energetx Composites, we firmly believe that the quality of a part is a direct reflection of the quality of our tooling.  This conviction drives the relentless pursuit of tooling design and execution reliability resulting in extended tooling life cycle and ensures each part meets our customers’ expectations.  

Our tooling expertise spans from design to manufacturing of the final mold.  We engineer and produce complex tooling including heated epoxy tools, split molds, RTM lite molds, polyester tooling, and articulating tooling.

Our goal is to offer our customers with a one-stop-shop solution for their projects, and our tooling shop plays a major role in providing additional services to our customers.