Keep Your Items Safe from Damage in Climate Controlled Boxes by Holloway Storage

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When you need extra space for your belongings and there’s no way to expand your current residence, you obviously need a reliable alternative storage solution. Holloway Storage Sydney provides sturdy and secure storage boxes that you can use to store items that are eating up your space. The boxes are available in many sizes to suit your storage needs and you can also mix match different box sizes to maximize your space. After packing your items, you can choose to store them at any convenient location including the company’s secure warehouse and Holloway storage Sydney does all the transportation work.

There are many benefits of using special boxes by Holloway storage. One of the benefits is that they provide climate controlled storage. Climate control means that the internal conditions are controlled appropriately. Why do you need these special storage boxes?

  1. Protection against temperature extremes – Extreme heat or cold can damage items. Electronics, microfilm, pictures and antiques are some of the most temperature-sensitive items. A controlled environment negates any possibility of such damage during any season of the year.
  2. Humidity control – When moisture accumulates inside a storage box, it can cause destruction to the stored items and in some cases lead to loss of property. The storage boxes by Holloway storage naturally dehumidify the interior of the box. This means your belongings remain dry and safe from damage for as long as they stay inside the boxes.
  3. No risk of mold growth – Mold thrives in uncontrolled moisture and temperature conditions. When items are stored in such conditions, it’s just a matter of weeks or a couple of months and mold spreads throughout the stack of items. Mold infestation often causes destruction beyond recovery and can result to total property loss.
  4. Extra security – All controlled storage units qualify to be called finished building. Finished building is a building standard that ensures more security in addition to the normal benefits of a controlled environment. They boxes are sealed against air and water leakage and odd weather. Also, insects and small organisms which have potential to damage items can’t get into the inside.

Items That Require Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled Storage

When you are planning to use a storage solution, it’s very important to know what items must be stored in a climate controlled environment. Below are items you should pay special attention to:

  • Electronic items: If you are storing vintage electronics for a long time, they must be packed and stored the right way. It is also wise to use the expertise of an experienced storage professional when undertaking this activity. Holloway Storage Sydney staff will help you pack your electronic items in a way that leaves no chance for moisture accumulation.
  • Depending on the item, various packing methods may be used including bubble wrapping and foam padding. Items like paper wraps, moving blankets ad beach towels are also very crucial for effective storage. Always remember to remove batteries from electronics before packing them. Proper packing in the climate controlled boxes by Holloway storage will ensure that the electronics remain functional even after long-term storage.
  • Furniture: Wooden furniture, especially, requires thoughtful storing. Wood contracts and expands as temperatures change. Before keeping furniture in storage units, Holloway Storage Sydney experts will make sure that it is in the right condition for better protection. They wipe down painted furniture, apply furniture wax on stained, oiled, or dyed furniture, and wrap the item in moving blankets or shrink wrap. Linseed oil can also be used in place of furniture wax.
  • Artwork: A climate controlled facility is the best place to store your precious artwork and photos. Inside the storage boxes offered by Holloway, the items are never exposed to sunlight or moisture. This ensures that your memories and investment in art remain safe. Photo sleeves made of photo safe materials should be used during packing.
  • Medical products: All pharmaceutical products should be stored in controlled conditions. In addition to avoiding extreme temperature and humidity, storage boxes ensure that the medical supplies are out of reach of rodents and insects.

Storage boxes by Holloway are a cost-efficient and safety guaranteed storage solution both for residential and commercial items. Holloway Storage Sydney makes sure you have all the equipment and assistance you need for proper packing of your items.

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